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With over 35 years experience in the S.F. Bay Area, the Law Offices of David J. Holcomb provide hands-on, personalized help with planning for marriage, divorce, or death.
7.9David John Holcomb David John HolcombReviewsout of 12 reviews
7.9David John Holcomb David John HolcombReviewsout of 12 reviews


We can help you through even the most difficult transition, with heart and skill appropriate to your unique situation.


State Law arbitrarily imposes very significant contractual rules on your marriage which you and your partner may choose to modify or even reject entirely, as many couples have been choosing for the past 30 years, charting your own course for your marriage. These agreements must be carefully and professionally prepared to ensure they are enforceable, understandable and achieve your goals. Please do not attempt to write up this or any significant legal agreement on your own, or rely on website forms, as these can be poorly written and unenforceable.

Understanding the many marriage laws that will apply to you and your partner before you get married will ensure you go into the relationship with eyes wide open, whether or not you choose to create your own marriage contract.


Many people prefer the mediation approach, and a large percentage of all cases are resolved this way. Only an experienced litigator and mediation attorney can advise whether it is right for you. Some divorcing couples are simply not right for mediation, or should at least go to mediation only with a skilled lawyer on their side to protect them, and advocate for them, throughout the negotiation process.

Mediation is entirely voluntary, confidential and something you control. A good mediation will also be cooperative, efficient, civil, impartial, balanced and fair. The outcome is up to you because you decide your own case, with good information, through open communication in a negotiation process, with resolution and finality the goal, not obtaining the biggest “win” for yourself.


Whether choosing mediation or litigation, or some combination, we understand your desire to get a good result while also being mindful of cost efficiency and minimizing conflict and turmoil.

Our experience shows that the best approach to resolving conflict most often is to be prepared for court, while actively negotiating for resolution. Many attorneys shy away from contentious divorces where going to court is not only necessary, but essential to getting a good result. We are experienced courtroom advocates and litigators, with many litigation successes to our credit. We can guide you through court if needed. Whether it’s formal discovery that needs to be pursued, or motions filed, or trial of complex financial, property or personal issues, you are in good hands with our firm.

Of course we are also proud of our record of settling complicated cases, with difficult issues, through a course of negotiation while fully preparing for trial.


Everyone who owns a home should have a qualified attorney create a living trust to make sure your home and your other assets pass easily to your heirs at the time of your death. A living trust keeps your estate out of probate court, protecting your heirs from opportunistic probate lawyers and other hustlers interested in grabbing a piece of your estate, while exposing your heirs to publicity and unnecessary costs.

Other “end of life” planning decisions should be addressed when you are healthy, so your loved ones know how you would like to be cared for, or let go of, after a debilitating illness or accident, and so they can attend to your financial and other needs on your behalf.

We recommend against a “DIY” approach to preparing these important documents as risky and potentially much more costly than properly prepared and executed documents with a professional. Total cost for these estate planning documents starts at $3,500 and will be higher for large or complicated estates.


Both parties in a divorce are entitled to use family savings and income for an attorney, without consent of the spouse. If one party has been controlling the money, the other party can force them to access funds for both parties so that needed professional support can be afforded (California Family Code Section 2030). You have not only the right to an attorney, but most likely a compelling need, and hopefully also the means to pay for the important help you need to navigate yourself and your family through a difficult life moment.

You have likely spent years of your life and huge sums acquiring and improving your home, saving for retirement and investing, perhaps building a business or profession. Only very competent and caring legal counsel can ensure that you receive your fair share of the family estate, as well as setting appropriate terms for child support and spousal support. Determining the best way to share custody of your children, and meeting their emotional needs, are priceless intangible concerns certainly worth expending some of the family funds. So much is at stake that budgeting for the cost of an advocate on your side is not only justified, but also smart.

We require a serious financial commitment to the cost of our services, prior to taking on the very serious commitment of providing you with highly skilled legal advice and representation. That means advance payment for all services.  Our office’s hourly rate is competitive with other experienced attorneys and firms.

We offer a free initial intake call to discuss your situation, give initial impressions and explore how the cost will be covered.

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  • A most capable attorney in a high conflict divorce

    David saved the divorce from being a complete washout not only for me, but for my family.

    Before I met David…I was homeless, stripped of custody.. and facing the likelihood of having to pay child support. I wanted a ruthless attorney with a thirst for annihilation.

    David was clearly a different breed. He helped me stay focused on our human decency, on our children’s best interest, and on the all important financial bottom line.

    The outcome? In less than a year David and I got all terms resolved favorably, with everything, including legal AND physical custody, being split 50/50 and zero support due either party. David’s sense of my family’s ability to surmount obstacles, with deft application of legal skills, was inspiring. I wish more divorcing families had the benefit of counsel such as his.
  • Excellent mediator, handled our divorce with ease

    David helped us with our divorce mediation, and saved us a lot of money and headache. By mediating rather than using separate attorneys we made a much better deal and avoided a lot of fighting.

    David is very fair, calm, and grounded. I have recommended him to a few people in my social circles already.
  • Sharp attorney dedicated to your needs

    I worked with David on my lengthy and difficult divorce. Needless to say how emotional and confusing it can be. This was my first need for an attorney, and a good friend highly recommended him. I immediately felt heard in a personal way and confident with the no nonsense communications to my ex.

    He appears in court as an elegant and completely prepared man, who is in charge. We achieved our desired goals and he supported me in all ways. I highly recommend David as an attorney that you can rely on.


David J. Holcomb, JD

Senior Partner, Lead Attorney
State Bar #: 121544
Bar Admission Date: 1985
David J. Holcomb has over 35 years’ experience as both a successful divorced dad, a litigation attorney, transactional real estate and business attorney, a mediator and attorney specializing in family transitions.

For over 20 years, he has specialized in divorce and estate planning for clients with significant income and assets.

At work he’s known for his skillful negotiating, easy demeanor, broad compassion, effectiveness, and ability to turn conflict into fair resolution.

In his spare time he loves to ride his bicycle around the Bay and to go on adventures with his children.


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